Rachel Reviews: Drybar

I love learning how “hot topic” companies like Drybar operate, but I’ve found that a lot of the time, the execution in-store falls short of what their cute branding promises. For a special event last week, I got the Mai Tai and it was not quite the cute free wavy look I was hoping for.

Before I Arrived

On Drybar’s website, they have a menu of styles you can choose from. There weren’t many photos on the site, but I chose the MaiTai. This was a photo from their Instagram so I went in with this as the expectation.

Related image

At the Appointment

I arrived early and was offered a drink, but the woman who did my hair was quiet and mumbled a lot. As a first timer it was difficult to understand all of the decisions she was asking me to make on the spot when she wasn’t speaking up. I had to choose between one or two shampoos (I didn’t even know two shampoos was a thing?) and conditioner on the ends or my entire head. I couldn’t hear her so I had to ask twice for her to speak up.

After washing and a mini scalp massage, the stylist took my back to the chair and began to work in silence. It took 37 minutes from the time my appointment began until we were finished. There was a movie on the TV so it went pretty quickly.

The Result

I’m not entirely happy with the results. The front ended up being VERY big curls while the back is much smaller little curls/waves. The MaiTai is supposed to be loose beachy waves with straight ends, but that was not what I got.

The worst part was that they managed to make little rats nests at the ends of my hair.

There were also SO MANY fly aways. I went in with my usualy straight hair and it was all over the place by the time I’d left.

In the end it looked like the Cosmo or the Old Fashioned styles they do!

Drybar Old Fashioned


I complained to their customer service because I left with split ends from the rats nests. They were super nice and set me up with a free appointment to head back.


Have you been to Drybar? What was your experience like?

Rachel Reviews: Blushington

For this year’s Holiday Party, I went full glam for the first time and got my hair and makeup done. I saw an ad on Instagram for a FREE Full Face makeup application from Blushington and decided just to give it a go. I’m always down to give anything free a try. I signed up for an appointment about a week in advance online for the location inside the Parker Hotel on 56th between 6th and 7th Ave.

I’ve never been that great at doing my own makeup and the one time I went to get it done at a makeup salon, I was extremely disappointed and went home to redo it myself. I did not have high hopes for Blushington, but they actually won me over with their service!


Before Arriving

Blushington has a set menu of looks you can choose from before you arrive, but you can also request your own look off menu. Their website was entirely unhelpful in figuring out what makeup I could actually get done. I knew I wanted a smoky eye and a glowing bronze look, but there wasn’t anything on the site that looked like what I wanted. I even looked on their Instagram and at photos they were tagged in, but there wasn’t much to go off of. Then, I went on Google and tried to look up reviews, but there wasn’t a lot of info either. So here I am giving you the reviews that I was unable to find!

These were the inspiration images I ended up wanting to go off of:


When I Arrived

The appointment started 15 minutes late, but I got a nice hot cup of green tea and wasn’t in a rush so I didn’t really mind. And a phone charger! They thought of everything.

I arrived with about 20 inspiration photos, that I was prepared to attempt to explain (I really know nothing about makeup). But the stylist’s makeup was done exactly how I wanted mine so I just told her “I want mine like yours” and scrapped all of the images I brought with me!

I took my makeup off and settled in for the next hour.
The store was pretty quiet so she took her time. She was very friendly, but not overly so. Nothing worse than being stuck in a chair with someone forcing you into uncomfortable small talk (can you tell I’m an introvert?) We actually got along really well and she told me about her experience working at Blushington and how she first became interested in makeup.

What I asked for: Brown smoky eye with dewy skin and a glow.

She chose the lip color herself. It was a neutral gloss mixed with a pink lipstick. I never wear lipstick so any color on my face is a shock to me. I was almost going to take off the lip color, but it looked amazing in photos so I kept it on.



Leaving the Appointment

It wasn’t salesy at all thank goodness. They didn’t push the products on me or encourage me to shop which I also appreciated. As promised, my first time was free and I was allowed to tip on my card.

Overall, I left VERY happy with my experience at Blushington and would definitely return for my next special occasion!

Use the code NewFF to get your first application free!


The Final Result




Have you ever been to Blushington or a similar company? Share your experience below! Always so interested to hear other peoples’ experiences!